1.CPD Level 1/NVQ Level 1(General Industry Cards)

2.CPD Level 2/NVQ Level 2(Special Industry)

3.CPD Level 3/NVQ Level 3(General Industry Certificate)

4.CPD Level 4/NVQ Level 4(Special Industrial Certificate)

5.CPD Level 5/NVQ Level 5(Diploma)

6.CPD Level 6/NVQ Level 6(Advance Diploma)

7.CPD Level 7/NVQ Level 7(Post Graduate Diploma)

8.CPD Level 8/NVQ Level 8(Masters Diploma)

Fire and Safety Forum certified courses

# Name of Professional Level Qualification
1 International General Industry Safety Card Level I (IGISC) General Card (3days) Indication of expertise in the discipline. Good for working professionals in the disciplinary area
2 International Special Industry Safety Card Level II (ISISC) Specialist Card (5days) Expertise in technical or advance disciplines of working professionals
3 International General Industry Safety Certification Level III (IGISC) General Certification 15 Days Interactive Assessment course, which leads to a certification
4 International Special Industry Safety Certification Level IV (IISC) Special Certification (3Months) 3 Months Special Disciplinary Course with Practical assessment
5 International Authorized Safety Professionals Level V (IASP) Diploma –leads to a membership to Professional Forum Fresher level Students can find a job In Govt. or MNCs as practical training provided in industries only
6 International Authorised Safety Trainership Level VI (IAST) Advanced Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to trainer forum Enhances the profile with 30% hike from previous job, and get eligibility to become Safety Trainer
7 International Safety Research Fellowship Level VII (IARF) PG Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to research forum 30%- 50% Hike from previous Salary Eligibility for Auditor Posts
8 International Safety Ambassadorship Level VIII (ISA) Masters Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to ambassador forum Ambassadorship with Royalty and other all privileges


The International Board of Environmental Health & Safety, Inc. follows the guidelines as set forth by the International Certification Accreditation Board and has been accredited since 2007.

IBOEHS individual certifications are VA approved