1.CPD Level 1/NVQ Level 1(General Industry Cards)

2.CPD Level 2/NVQ Level 2(Special Industry)

3.CPD Level 3/NVQ Level 3(General Industry Certificate)

4.CPD Level 4/NVQ Level 4(Special Industrial Certificate)

5.CPD Level 5/NVQ Level 5(Diploma)

6.CPD Level 6/NVQ Level 6(Advance Diploma)

7.CPD Level 7/NVQ Level 7(Post Graduate Diploma)

8.CPD Level 8/NVQ Level 8(Masters Diploma)

Fire and Safety Forum certified courses

# Name of Professional Level Qualification
1 International General Industry Safety Card Level I (IGISC) General Card (3days) Indication of expertise in the discipline. Good for working professionals in the disciplinary area
2 International Special Industry Safety Card Level II (ISISC) Specialist Card (5days) Expertise in technical or advance disciplines of working professionals
3 International General Industry Safety Certification Level III (IGISC) General Certification 15 Days Interactive Assessment course, which leads to a certification
4 International Special Industry Safety Certification Level IV (IISC) Special Certification (3Months) 3 Months Special Disciplinary Course with Practical assessment
5 International Authorized Safety Professionals Level V (IASP) Diploma –leads to a membership to Professional Forum Fresher level Students can find a job In Govt. or MNCs as practical training provided in industries only
6 International Authorised Safety Trainership Level VI (IAST) Advanced Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to trainer forum Enhances the profile with 30% hike from previous job, and get eligibility to become Safety Trainer
7 International Safety Research Fellowship Level VII (IARF) PG Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to research forum 30%- 50% Hike from previous Salary Eligibility for Auditor Posts
8 International Safety Ambassadorship Level VIII (ISA) Masters Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to ambassador forum Ambassadorship with Royalty and other all privileges

IASP students have to submit a data collection project from the internet, in any new update related to environment health and safety prepared in word report, power point presentation, and the report submitted will be attested by the acidic council and issued to the students as a record, and marks also will be published in the respective mark list of the course they have opted. IAST students have to prepare the case study after visiting an industry, instead of the internet based data collection, where IARF students are suggesting a solution to a problem existing in an industry, with video presentation and live reports from the company records. ISA students are undergoing complete research, where research guidelines and reference material will be provided to the students and the students will submit the thesis towards the same. Based on the thesis the qualification will be awarded.


The International Board of Environmental Health & Safety, Inc. follows the guidelines as set forth by the International Certification Accreditation Board and has been accredited since 2007.IBOEHS individual certifications are VA approved.

IBOEHS certificate holders will be an asset to the organization following OSHA standards. Unlike other awarding bodies, IBOEHS courses are more on applied health and safety so that organization can minimize their work place accidents /incidents effectively.