Students Benefits

  • International certificate, which enhance career opportunities in the government sector and private sector. Government sector students can apply via employment exchanges and PSCs or as per the notifications of government departments available time to time. the qualifications are accepted in other countries government sector jobs also other than India. In the private sector students can work in MNCs ranging from oil and gas, steel, power plants, construction, logistics more than 30+ heavy industrial sectors
  • A 1 year Professional Membership of World Safety Forum will be privileged to everydiploma holder of Affiliated Institutes once successfully completing the assessment by fire and safety forum
  • Yearly Global Safety Summit awards, conference and exhibitions conducted by world safety forum, access to which will be eligible for the students of Affiliated Institutes which will be giving the students an opportunity to directly interact with Industry Leaders in the Environment Health Safety field. CEOs, Vice Presidents, Group Safety Heads will be addressing the audience during such seminars.
  • The curriculum and the study material issued to the students of affiliated institute will be shaping the students to start a career in safety in more than 25 designations ranging from safety officer, safety inspector, HSE officer, HSE supervisor, Safety engineer, safety executive.
  • Initial Professional Development in the safety training syllabus for freshers ensures the development of the student as a Leader in the Safety Industry, with the help of assessments, practical training, project development, group discussions, mock interviews, and seminars on the academics.
  • Continuing Professional development by Fire and Safety Forum, will help the students those who are working in the industries currently to get a salary hike of 30% to 50% from the current job level.

Student Support Websites :
World Safety Forum.