MBA / PG Electives

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is a degree program that specifically targets corporate executives and managers who are already in the workforce.Typically, EMBA students are fairly senior in their fields and possess considerable work experience before entering the program.


One year Online MBA Training is a complete professional study  and training designed for students and working professionals. The program takes the student through various major areas of mastering business.

1. Airport and Airline Management

2.   Architecture Design

3. Construction Management         

4. Corporate Finance Management

5. Cyber Marketing                     

6.Digital Marketing 

7. Disaster Management               

8. E- Commerce

9.Environmental Management     

10.Event Management

11.Export and Import Management 


13.Financial Accounting Management

14. Fianancial Management

15.Financial Risk Management

16.Fire and Safety Management

17.Hotel Management     

18. Hospitality Management

19. Human Resource Management 

20.Industrail Engineering Management

21.Hotel Operations Management 

22. Logistic and Supply Chain Management 

23.Management of GST 

24.Marketing Management

25 Material Management 

26 .Organizational Behaviour

27.Port and Shipping Management

28. Public Relation Officer

29.Purchasing and Material Management

30. Quality System Management 

31.Retail Management 

32. Total Quality Management

33.Training and Development Management 

34 .Hospital Administration Management

35.Housekeeping Management