DISM(Diploma in Industrial Safety Management) is a unique Diploma program enabling the participants to gain fundamental to advanced knowledge with respect to health and safety. Participation in DISM program would enable the participants to perform their health and safety duties at workplace more effectively. Since DISM program deal with both management and workplace hazards and its controls, it would be a great support to safety professionals especially in terms of managing health and safety related documents and hazard controls. Participation in DISM program would especially helpful for both fresher’s and experienced people in the industry.

Topics Focus :

Chapter   1         Basics of hea:lth and safety               

Chapter   2         Fundamentals of health and  Safety Management system

Chapter   3         Health and safety Policy     

Chapter.  4         Organizing     

Chapter.  5.        Contractor Management                    

Chapter.  6.        Health and safety Culture                  

Chapter.  7.        First Aid                                                   

Chapter.  8.        Emergency procedures.                      

Chapter.  9 .       Planning & Implementation     

Chapter. 10.      Safe system of work                              

Chapter  11.      Permit to work system                         

Chapter  12       Safety signs        

Chapter  13.      Health & Safety Performance  Monitoring        

Chapter  14.     Health & Safety Audit        

Chapter  15.     Health & Safety Tour        

Chapter  16.      Health & Safety Sampling                      

Chapter  17.      Health and safety Survey.                      

Chapter. 18       Reporting and Investigating  Incidents                                            

Chapter 19        Reviewing of Health and safety Performance                                            

Chapter 20        Consultation                                             

Chapter 21.       Human failure                                          

Chapter 22.       Welfare at workplace                             

Chapter 23.       Working Environment                             

Chapter 24.       Violence at work                                     

Chapter 25        Drugs and Alcohol                          

Chapter 26        Construction Hazards and control     

Chapter 27.       Demolition