Registered Radiation Safety Officer

This course provides an intermediate review of radiation safety and compliance topics directed at both beginners and those with more experience. Using unique learning techniques to enhance the student's understanding of these subjects, this course is ideal for anyone who will develop, manage or implement a radiation safety program.

Topics :

  • Introduction to lionizing Radiation
  • Units or radiation dose and activity
  • Background Radiation
  • Radiation Protection Principles
  • Biological effects of Radiation
  • Radiation detection instrumentation
  • Radiation Safety Officer Job
  • Responsibility
  • Leak Test Requirement
  • Tested and approved material
  • Security of Radioactive Material
  • Radiation Survey's
  • Dose limits
  • Emergencies
  • Disposals of Radioactive Materials
  • Transportation of radioactive materials

Eligibility : Science graduates or safety officers with five years’ experience.

Duration : 05 days