Registered Safety Professional

The Registered Safety Professional(RSP) provides recommendations and actions for the prevention of accidents and/or incidents, which may cause injury or illness to people, damage to property, or destruction to a community (environmental). They employ various analytical methods to identify physical and health hazards. Then recommend and / or implement appropriate control measures (engineer, administrative, work practice, and / or personal protective equipment) to eliminate or mitigate the hazard.
In addition to having a working knowledge of the fundamentals and application of occupational health and safety, a Registered Safety Professional® must be knowledgeable of science (physical, chemical, biological and behavioural), mathematics, business management, insurance, and performance of specially operation, such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.

  • Domain 1 : Safety & Health Management 

               -  Identifying Applicable laws & Regulations
               -  Evaluate workplace for Hazards & Assess risk
               -  Demonstrate Compliance – written programs
               -  Design and Implement Safety Management Systems

  • Domain 2 : Environmental Management

               -  Identifying Applicable laws & Regulations
               -  Evaluate workplace for Hazards & Assess risk
               -  Development of written Programs
               -  Design and implement environmental management systems

  • Domain 3 : Administrative Management 

              -  Determine effectiveness of management systems
              -  Maintain recordkeeping system
              -  Establish working relationships with stakeholders
              -  Apply sound business practices and economic principles, such as cost benefit analysis

  • Given four actual case studies: case studies will be from: Construction, Amusement, Manufacturing and Environmental

Eligibility : RSM / Bachelor degree in Occupational Health and Safety/A level 6 diploma in OSH/An associate degree in OSH/Safety Officers with 5 years proven experience.

Duration : 3 days including examination.