Registered Aviation Safety Officer

The IBOEHS Airport Safety Officer training portfolio is focused on safety management, workplace safety, and best practice for civil aviation. To an average air traveller, the importance of aviation safety is rarely recognized in conscious thought, we usually only consider aspects of safety when some horrific accident occurs. But on a daily basis, on thousands of commercial and military flights, the lives of countless passengers are dependent upon the implementation of safety regulations adopted to protect the public’s interest. The implications of aviation safety not only save lives while people travel through the air, but ensure the safety of everyone going about their daily business on the ground as well. An airplane crash into a large metropolitan area that is densely populated would most assuredly result in countless ground fatalities, and in retrospect it is amazing that those types of incidents are so few in number.

Eligibility : Graduation/Safety Officers with 3 years Proven Experience

Duration : 05 days

Topics :

  • Importance of Airport Safety
  • Airport Regulatory Requirements
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Safety Terminology
  • Safety Management System
  • Human Factors
  • Aircraft Ground Operations
  • Flight line Maintenance Activities
  • Ground Vehicle Operations
  • Runway Incursions
  • Airport Safety and Security
  • Industrial Safety
  • Industrial Health
  • Industrial Activities
  • Safety Training